超过20年,Intellishare环境已经提供了热和催化氧化溶液,用于控制VOCS(挥发性有机化合物),HAPS和工业环境的食程排放。我们使用最新技术进行自己的设计,制作和运营。我们提供的线路设备顶部,包括热氧化剂,催化氧化剂和热量和回收催化剂。如果有必要,我们还提供短期项目的租赁氧化者。无论您需要什么系统,可以配置多种方式来适应几乎任何空间要求。我们的系统可靠,耐用,是为长期使用而建造的。我们投资于技术和人才,以便我们可以妥善投资我们的客户。我们使用最先进的SolidWorks 3-D模型来设计和工程师我们的产品。我们的目标是在我们的起草桌上,在制造地板和客户站点上始终如一地将产品和服务提高产品和服务提供。我们致力于保持竞争力和创新性。 We have been in the air pollution control business for over two decades, but we are always learning always changing, and always moving forward. Support is the cornerstone of our company. Whether you need assistance with our products two minutes after installation, 2 months after installation, two years, or two decades after installation, Our team has the know-how and the can-do attitude to assist you. We’ll still help you out even if the equipment isn’t ours. Multiple products and thousands of installations are a testament to our level of experience. Ask our satisfied clients- they’ll agree. Buy it new. Buy it used. Rent it. Fix it. Move it. No matter what you need, Intellishare can do it.